Car investment potential - facts & figures

Beating the competition

Most cars, that have investment potential, also have speed potential. In other words, you can enjoy your investment in other ways than just the financial.

However, at CORE Investment Cars, we know that an investment in cars, is not (just) for the fun of it – it is about return on investment. And you shouldn’t just take our word for it – the experienced analylist at Knight Frank, have compared car investment to other popular investments by year-on-year index, which you can see on this graph.

We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

CORE Investment Cars porsche 356
CORE Investment Cars ferrari

The chosen few

Looking back at the last 5-10 years, fine and rare Ferrari’s have been frontrunners on ROI, primarily compared to Porsche, Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz. This applies to most Ferrari models, but in particular to limited production models, racing cars and other models with a special history.

For you as an investor, this means that you should search for the cars out of the ordinary, for pristine cars and for the car, and maybe even cars with a special place in world history.

Whatever your taste or preference, we are by your side to guide you towards the best buy and the highest ROI.

Long term value

Car investment is as much an emotions game as it is a numbers game. A sensible and well-executed investment in an average category, can end up giving a high yield.

Our game is to help you make sound investment in one of the best categories on the market. Looking at mid-to-long term investment yields, cars have proven to outrun any other category out there, and handled right with the assistance of our experienced consultants, you get the best ROI.

CORE Investment Cars ferrari laferrari
CORE Investment Cars ford gt40 gulf

Finding the hidden gems

As mentioned above, it’s the unique and special cars, that prove most valuable as an investment,which is not different from other categories.

With our global network, we assist you in the search, selection and sourcing of the car or cars, that match your taste and investment profile. As most of the finest cars are never publically listed, we provide added value through market connections established through our many years in the business.

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