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Kim Gruhl, Founder & CEO

CORE Investment Cars is headed by Kim Gruhl. Since 1992, he has built an impressive track record of managing both dealerships and sourcing businesses for prestigious automotive brands including Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati.

Kim generously applies his extensive experience and paramount passion for fine and rare cars, to the process of assisting discerning collectors and aficionados in their search for automotive icons and masterpieces.

His experience and expertise on premium and luxury cars is also utilized in his domestic car leasing company CORE Leasing.

CORE Investment Cars - Kim Gruhl
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Business made personal

Doing business with Kim Gruhl and his colleagues at CORE Investment Cars is a guarantee of the most rigorous buying advise, trustworthy expertise, and a truly unforgettable acquisition experience.

And when the car is successfully delivered, we remain by your side as your personal investment advisor, to ensure the ultimate investment experience as well as the best retun on your investment.

Any customer, any car, anywhere

We take pride in selecting the very best of breed vehicles for our customers around the world, and we would be grateful and honored to help you find your next investment car.

So regardless if you are a novice on investment cars, or an experienced collector, we provide you with the best assistance and the best cars.

You can read more about the process here.

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Up for any challenge

For us, no challenge is too small, and none too big, and we welcome any enquiry on investment cars.

For an unconditional initial dialogue about dreams, desires and possibilities, please call us on +45 40 11 34 07 or send us an email.

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To learn more about our premium services and the benefits of having CORE Investment Cars at your side when searching for your next investment car, please call us on +45 40 11 34 07 or send us an email.