Search, selection and sourcing of fine and rare cars

A shared passion

At CORE Investment Cars, we cater exclusively and personally to a select group of people with the privilege of being able to own and drive, but also invest in the pinnacle of automotive excellence.

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CORE Investment Cars ferrari vintage
CORE Investment Cars aston martin db5

Why invest in cars?

Numbers on classic car investment performance from the HAGI Top Index shows an increase from index 100 in 2005 to around index 700 in 2020. This proves that fine and rare cars are great investment objects alongside whiskey, coins, wine and art.

For automotive aficionados, this has only made iconic cars even more attractive, more expensive and the market even more complex to navigate through.

Our declared mission

Based on this, and coupled with our solid experience, market insight and network, we have a declared mission:

To ensure that your dream cars are carefully chosen masterpieces, making them both solid investments as well as an emotional pleasure for you to own.

CORE Investment Cars ferrari
CORE Investment Cars lamborghini miura

At your disposal

We take deep personal pride in selecting the very best of breed vehicles for our passionate customers around the world, and we would be grateful and honored to help you find your next investment car.

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To learn more about our premium services and the benefits of having CORE Investment Cars at your side when searching for your next investment car, please call us on +45 40 11 34 07 or send us an email.